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For any information :

Relaxing and harmony within the body

Adults :
Care of 1h 30 — 65€
(55€ each one if programmed by 3)

Pregnant women :
Care of 1h 30 — 40€

Children (up to fifteen) :
Care of 45mn. — 30€ (25€programmed by 3

Our body works like a sophisticated watchmaking. It answers the smaller demands of our mind. I propose to go into the depth of your being to free you from the mind and feel your uniqueness. This approach of your inner comfort will help you to contact joy.

You wear soft clothing (the cotton is better). You comfortably settle on the massage table.
Both soft and relaxing, stabilizing and energizing, this treatment generates a new self-relationship. The mind calms down. The body deeply relaxes thanks to my gentle action on deep tissues fascias, on meridians and chakras.

From the begining it is like a « present » you’re offering to you. I'm guiding you through the perception of the small rhythms within your body in order to let you come in contact with your "intrinsic" person (body and mind personality).

The relaxation which follows – as if the body was expanding - comes immediately and durably. It meets your need of harmony and anchors the body. This treatment improves breathing, sleeping, and keeps the joints in good condition. It is a way of approaching the body consciousness which clears the mind and awakens up creative joy. From our first meeting you must feel better.

A few appointments a year are recommended, as a precaution to stay healthy.

Several successive treatments can help to overcome difficult events of life, those appearing in the body. However, the appointments are spaced to respect the principle of synchronicity (« domino » effect) in the body.

Attention : at the end of that healing, you must wait about 15 minutes before driving.

Massage with oils

Massage 1 hour + time of preparation 75 €
(65€ each one if programmed by 3)

Let's be clear: it is in no way eroticism or sexuality.

This is a soft way to relax, to enter into self-awareness while listening the feel of the body.

Both fluid, firm and enveloping, this relaxing massage with oils brings well-being physically and mentally. From the first contact and for long after : you will feel its benefit several days after your visit!

By helping to get concentrated and aligned, it improves emotional balance and enhances self-esteem.

A moment for yourself which awakens your joy of living.

The massage lasts 1 hour. Provide 1 h 30 in all.

Numerological thema

Your whole thema, documents and oral registered restitution 1h30 — 150 €

Hearing one’s numerological thema opens the way to self-understanding and knowing one’s potential, personal gifts and abilities. The symbolism of numbers can explain the talents and qualities we were born with and those we should develop to be successful on our personal and professional path. This explanation strengthens our identity and self assertion, increases our understanding of events and prepares us to move forward harmoniously by mobilizing qualities that correlate to our personality.

Foot reflexology

For 1h30 50 €
(40€ each one if programmed by 3)

Our feet are the true reflection of our body … our skeleton, our postures and even our emotions. The mapping of energy circulation of the body and its figurative representation in the feet and hands comes from China, several millenia ago.

This technique of massage on reflex points of feet is holostic. It releases the tension accumulated in the body and improves the respiratory, circulatory and digestive functions. The way of touching feet, subtle or marked according to our needs, is always benevolent. It provides a physical well-being and frees the mind. It gently stimulates the areas that indicate a malfunction or are manifested by pain…

To be in a good form, to calm down or find again energy and vitality, do not hesitate to take care of your feet. They will give you a lot…

Personalized workshops

To increase oneself knowledge about


Each workshop - "discovery" and "interpretation" - is conceived to practice : calculate your numerology, draw your profile, understand at first sight the deep meaning of numbers and interpret your own numbers. To meet that passion, just ask for an inscription by phoning the 0677996498 !


One day to learn a new way of approaching, listening and understanding our body, to practice easy postures to calm down our mind and feel light and right.

For your information :
Workshops are organized for about 10 persons, for pedagogical reasons as well as for your comfort.
You can ask me for other days even on week.
Each workshop is 100 € TTC,
I give you written explanations at the end of each workshop.
I advise you between the two workshops, by mail or phone.

For more information just call the : 0677996498 !


"How know oneself better and valorise talents thanks to numbers"

Numbers are coloured, expressive, joyfull, kidding, in a word : vibrations ! As we are...
This is what I share during conferences. And, obviously the interest of numerology, of course.
The interpretation of a thema consists in reading the puzzle of numbers describing a person.
It is so easy and significative about us, our behaviours, joys, desires and gifts !
It looks like the right way to success...